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Your strategic Partner

Global Cert provides substantial assistance and support to the Examination Centres that choose to cooperate with it in order to expand their activity, in accordance with their structure and goals. Global Cert certificates are seamlessly integrated into partner Examination Centres activity, upgrading their operations and allowing them to provide services with high added value that perfectly meet the requirements / expectations of different candidates.
Continuous global market research and study encourages us to create new certifications and services allowing you to always take advantage of the new developments in education and training in the best possible way. Focusing exclusively on quality, we, every year, invest both in technological equipment and new certifications systems so that we are always one step ahead!
Global Cert has created and continues to create, strong partnerships with Universities in Greece and abroad, as well as internationally accredited certification bodies, aiming at offering certificates of recognized quality, adding prestige and credibility to both you and your students.
We wish to be your strategic partner, always informed about the latest developments and aware of the market trends, always capable of laying the foundation for you to develop and achieve your business goals and objectives in education and training.
Global Cert looks forward to establishing a long lasting relationship with you, guaranteeing support, accountability and cooperation. We invite you to join our successful Global Cert family, trust us and share our vision.

For any requests or clarifications please contact Global Cert by telephone: +30 210 3300010 or use our online form to send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.