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Candidate Card and registration

Candidate Card

To participate in the Global Cert exams candidates need to issue an electronic Candidate Card for the relevant certificate. In order to do so the candidate must require from a Global Cert Examination Centre of his choice to issue his/her Candidate Card, after having filled in the relevant Application Form.

Finding an Examination Centre

On our site you will find a list of all partner Examination Centres to choose from. See the list here.

What you'll need

To issue the Exam Candidate Card you need to show a valid identity certificate (e.g. identity card, passport, etc.). For minors, under the age of 12, who have no ID card, a birth certificate with a photo is required. The Application Form Card for minors is signed by their guardian.


Then, through the Global Cert Examination Centre, you register for a specific examination date from those scheduled. Upon registration, you will also get module-specific information, if the certificate you want to be awarded with requires specific modules for you to take.