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Computer literacy certificate for children

An introductory computer skills and certification program aimed at primary school children (6-12 years).

Syllabus / Modules

  1. Basic IT concepts
  2. Computer Skills and File Management
  3. Word Processing
  4. Excel Spreadsheets
  5. Internet Services
  6. Databases
  7. Presentations

To whom it is addressed:

  • Children aged 6-12 years in order to acquaint them, in a pleasant and effective way, with aspects of computer usage.
  • Training centers that wish to include an educational system for children aged 6-12 in their curriculum.

Certification Procedure

Upon completion of each training period, the process of certification, adapted to the child's age, follows.
In the first period, in order to obtain their first certificate, children are asked to carry out a complete task, which is evaluated both by the training center and a GlobalCert evaluation committee, composed of eminent scientists - child psychologists.
In the second and third periods in order for the respective certificates to be awarded, examinations, in the framework of the automated GlobalCert examination system, are conducted.
Overall, upon successful completion of the program, children are awarded all three certificates of the Global Kids level.
At the end of these three training periods, children have acquired 75% of the Intermediate level syllabus.

Global Kids Syllabus

Download the Global Kids Syllabus for all three modules here.