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Global Cert Exams

A key feature of the Global Cert exams is its realistic scenarios in which candidates are tested (case studies). The candidates are required to demonstrate that they hold significant knowledge necessary in everyday life. They are not tested in sophisticated subjects that may render the examination system "impressive", yet practically useless.

The examination system of Global Cert has been developed with the aim to provide the best possible services to training centers, which do not need to invest in expertise and staff to manage the relationship between Global Cert and the candidates..

Furthermore, the exam system is particularly flexible and candidate friendly, testing the candidates’ knowledge without obliging them to learn anything more than required by the subject matter.

Finally, both the training center and the candidates are supported by the Global Cert customer service department, one of the most effective and prompt existing in the certification market. In Global Cert we believe that a good product becomes excellent when it is properly, responsibly and swiftly supported.