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An organization, in order to become a Global Cert Examination Centre, must first fill in the relevant application form.

The minimum required specifications, as described in the JMD 121 929 / E / 01.08.2014 are:
  • The candidate Examination Centre must have at least one (1) single and independent examination room, separate from other rooms, which are not used as examination rooms.
  • The examination room must be appropriately equipped with ergonomic chairs and desks and must not be underground.
  • The examination room must meet all fire safety and electrical safety standards and must have natural ventilation, natural lighting, heating and cooling.
  • The minimum area per candidate must be two (2) sq. m and the minimum distance between the candidates’ computer screens one (1) meter.
  • Each examination room must at least have five (5) computers and the necessary peripheral equipment for the exams. Each computer must have the operating system and application software required for the examination process. The examination must be carried out in real-life conditions, in the current versions of all applications.
  • The examination room must provide Internet connectivity.
  • The Examination Centre must provide fax and e-mail services.
  • In order to avoid delays when sending the exam questions, be able to manage the candidates’ data, and announce the results on time, an ADSL connection of at least 2Mbps, between Global Cert and the Examination Centre server is necessary, while the local network of the Examination Centre must have a speed of at least 100Mbit/s.
  • The Examination Centre must ensure Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).
  • The Examination Centre must ensure that all participants in the exam procedure (e.g. candidates, supervisors) enjoy the standard health and safety conditions, as defined in the relevant laws.

Become a Global Cert Accredited Examination Centre

For more information on Global Cert Examination Centres and the procedures to join, please contact Global Cert by telephone: +30 210 3300010 or use our online form to send us a message and we’ll get right back to you.