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Supervisor Continuous Assessment

To join the Global Cert Examination Supervisors Register you need to hold a degree issued by a Greek or foreign Higher Education Institution or a Vocational Training Institute (public or private). 
It should be noted that any professional experience in IT or in the field of education in general is considered an asset. Finally, participation of the candidate supervisor in vocational training, continuous education programmes as well as participation in educational seminars in the field of Information Technology will be positively evaluated.
All Global Cert supervisors, after an initial evaluation, are re-evaluated by the Quality Manager at least once a year (or more frequently, if necessary).
Criteria for the Examination Supervisor’s performance reassessment are:
  • examination preparation aptitude in accordance with the requirements set by Global Cert,
  • compliance with the examination rules and regulations as described in the respective Special Certification Regulation,
  • availability and responsiveness in meeting examination needs,
  • completeness of examination reports
  • student complaints of misconduct during the exams,
  • participation in the supervisor continuous training programme